Haven’t been blogging for a while, here are some changes:

I have two new-old PCs: A Dell Optiplex 170l (bigger model) and an HP Compaq dc5100mtj

The Dell has two IDE hard drives (second one installed by yours truly) which makes a total of 80 gigs of space, 512 MB of RAM, and with the lightness of Linux, it can play YouTube very well! The HP has Debian Wheezy and a 40GB SATA hard drive as well as 512 MB of RAM. Both run on Celeron processors.

My laptop is still running on Arch. It is actually my best performing PC with an Intel Core i3 (which isn’t such a bragging right in my opinion) and 4 GB RAM and a nice, spacious 500GB hard drive (which I plan on upgrading in the future).

I also plan on building a budget $200 rig in the future: AMD Sempron CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500GB 3.5″ hard drive from WD, and an LG DVD burner. I also plan on installing an NVIDIA video card with 512MB of RAM. It’s not much, but it can definitely handle a lot of PS3/360 era games, and it also has support for DVI and HDMI as well as VGA, while the motherboard (ASUS, $35) only supports VGA. Speaking of the motherboard, it has support for legacy PS/2 hardware, so I could throw in my old eMachines PS/2 keyboard, but not my generic unbranded PS/2 mouse 😦 (it only has one PS/2 port, unlike two, each for a different connection on older motherboards). It also has blazing fast USB 3.0, which a lot of prebuilt home PCs that cost hundreds of dollars more than my build seem to lack.

On October 31st, some special packages came in: powerline adapters. That enabled me to use fast ethernet connections on many of my devices. PS3, Xbox, PS2, RPi, and my laptop.

And that is unfortunately all for this post, but if you’d like more frequent updates, follow me on Twitter: @zach_linuxuser. I use it more than any other social network, actually.

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